6-Pack. $ 149.

Group Lesson & 5 more anytime outings at our Spit location.
One low price.     Available now till May 15.

Includes Amundson board, paddle, safety gear, and fun. 

Lesson is 1.5 hours, subsequent outings 1 hr.

Lessons and Tours

We are developing some great programs for spring and summer 2013.

Stayed tuned for great deals on lessons, rentals, races and tours!

FAQ: Why would i need a lesson to do that?
A: While most people can jump on a big board and enjoy immediate success, they get into trouble when the conditions change for the worse.  

Awareness of potential hazards such as wind, tide, cold weather,

current, boating traffic, etc. can make the difference between a great outing, and a life-threatening experience. 

Knowledge of proper paddle techniques, safety equipment, etiquette,

and local conditions will make you a stronger, safer paddler, and ensure

you enjoy this great sport, for life!